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Sonic Mania (PC, Switch, PS4, XBO)

Author Nz17


#1 | Posted: 5 Sep 2017 17:09 
So, the game's been available for a while now. What are your thoughts? Here are mine.

I liked it, but not as much as other people. The stages seemed 2 - 3 times too long for a speedy Sonic game. I'd have liked it better if there was the same amount of content, but the acts were split into smaller acts. Imagine splitting the acts along some of the checkpoints, and just having five acts per zone.

Sonic Mania has a lot of cool SEGA references like to Shinobi, Space Harrier, the Game Gear, the GG Sonic games, and naturally, the Mega Drive and other Sonic games.

I wish that the game would save your progress after every act, not after every zone. The way it is (like Sonic CD and Sonic 3), and with Mania's lengthy acts, the level progression is only saved about every 20 minutes.

There's a lot of multiplayer options, but unfortunately no 1P vs CPU for the split-screen versus, so I haven't played that.

Sadly, most of the leaderboards have been ruined by cheaters who have posted times of 0'00'00 and the like.

Overall, I liked it. It took around 6 hours from the start to the regular ending including the playing of some special stages and extra stages.

I'd rank it about on par with Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, with a slightly higher score for Sonic Mania. Both are good games, but neither are true classics. SB:FI isn't simple enough with too much to worry about regarding controls and collectables, while Sonic Mania is almost like a "Sonic Generations 2D" as it relies too much on references and nostalgia instead of forging its own identity.

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