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Sa2 2p Greenhill

Author itsthinkingstil

#1 | Posted: 11 Mar 2017 17:04 
So after digging around i found out you can access greenhill in 2p mode, however no codebreaker code i have found seems to work, was wondering if anyone knew the code

Author Dan


#2 | Posted: 17 Mar 2017 15:35 
When I was playing around with the world ranking menu textures, i found addresses that when you change the value it would load a two player level based on the value you changed the address to (changing to 3 loads one level, changing to 4 loads a different level etc)

If you find this address you can probably make a button conditional code to launch it like LeftTrigger+B

That's about all the help I can offer with that though

Author itsthinkingstil

#3 | Posted: 17 Mar 2017 17:29 
Thanks dan!

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