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Project Telepipe

Author Dan


#1 | Posted: 27 Apr 2016 13:08 
Planetweb 2.62 as most of us know has VOIP support. But Dreamcall has been offline for a while

What I was thinking was the VOIP in Planetweb is probably just a direct peer-to-peer connection. This probably wouldn't be too hard to recreate, but I don't think any stock VOIP/SIP server software can do what is needed out of the box. A custom server is likely needed

After said server is setup. I'd like to link a 'phone number' to each new registrant. So similar to how you can send an e-mail/PM using your Dreamcast e-mail client, you can click the link in an online users profile to call them using 'telepipe'

But I need someone who wants to help with the creation and implementation of that. As well as letting me know exactly what kind of VOIP server needs to be setup for a direct peer-to-peer communication using only basic HTML

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